Friday, May 17, 2019, 2.30pm, OdG 202, Université de Paris New Perspectives on the Nineteenth-Century

A19 is pleased to announce its next session to be held on Friday, May 17, at 2. 30pm. We have invited two colleagues to talk about their current projects on the nineteenth-century.

Philipp Löffler (Université de Heidelberg): “Hawthorne and his Mosses: Reading Pace and Literary Value in Antebellum America”

Philipp Löffler is assistant professor of American literature. His work concentrates on nineteenth- and twentieth-century American fiction and poetry, with a particular interest in the uses of history in literature, the history of reading, and the connection between literature and education. He has published on Henry David Thoreau, Allen Ginsberg, Philip Roth, and Richard Powers, amongst others, and has edited two books on the connections between institutionalized reading habits and the production of literary value:  Reading Practices (Narr)and Reading the Canon(Winter). His first monograph is Pluralist Desires: Contemporary Historical Fiction and the End of the Cold War (Camden House). His next book will be a cultural history of US literary professionalism in the nineteenth century, tentatively titled Publishing Scoundrels: American Literature and the Professionalization of Authorship, 1790-1915.

Edward Sugden (King College, London): “The Genealogy of Beyond”

Edward Sugden joined King’s in September 2013 after completing his PhD at the University of Oxford. His first book Emergent Worlds: Alternative States in Nineteenth-Century American Culture was published by New York University Press in 2018. His work has appeared in journals such as J19 and Leviathan, and in a number of essay collections. His “Marginal States: Herman Melville in the Marquesas, 1842” was recently published in The New Herman Melville Studies (dir. Cody Marrs, Cambridge UP, 2019) and he has an essay in the forthcoming edited collection Neither The Time Nor The Place (dir. Susan Gillman et Christopher Castiglia, University of Pennsylvania Press)

Emergent Worlds

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