Friday, May 4, 2018. ODG 163, Université Paris Diderot @ 2pm. American Transcendentalism Revisited

A19 invites

Joseph URBAS (Professor, University Bordeaux Montaigne), author of

Emerson’s Metaphysics : A Song of Laws and Causes (American Philosophy Series, Lexington Books, 2015).

Discussant : Thomas CONSTANTINESCO, LARCA, Paris Diderot.

In this book, Urbas tells the story of the making of a metaphysician and in so doing breaks with the postmodern, anti-metaphysical readings that have dominated Emerson scholarship since his philosophical rehabilitation began in late 1970s. Emerson’s Metaphysics proposes an account of Emerson’s metaphysical thought as it unfolds in his writings, as it informs his philosophy as a whole, and as it reflects the intellectual and religious culture in which he lived and moved and had his being.’s-Metaphysics-A-Song-of-Laws-and-Causes#`


Nicholas GUARDIANO, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, author of

Aesthetic Transcendentalism in Emerson, Peirce and Nineteenth-Century American Landscape Painting (American Philosophy Series, Lexington Books, 2016). Nicholas’s talk is entitled:

« Metaphysical Landscapes: The Transcendentalist Philosophy of the Hudson River School. »

Discussant : Joseph URBAS

Nicholas L. Guardiano is a philosopher and research specialist overseeing the American philosophy collection at the Morris Library archives.


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